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St Mary's Catholic High School

Vision & Values

Headteacher with student leaders

Aims of the School

St Mary's Catholic High School is a Catholic school which, together with home and the church community, endeavours to provide a Christian environment in which students and staff are challenged to achieve their full potential - intellectually, socially and spiritually. The School also strives to inculcate in all its community a respect for the dignity of others as well as a sense of their own personal worth.

Our Core Values


Hard Work


Mission Statement

St Mary’s Catholic High School is a caring community which has Christ at its centre.

The School aims to promote mutual respect and understanding of each other and the environment, to develop the full potential of the individual, and to provide equal opportunities for all.    

In pursuance of these goals, we offer every member of the school community opportunity to study the impact of the Gospel message of love through all the subjects in the curriculum and to reflect on these through a genuine experience of worship and prayer.

In order to maintain a high standard of education, we provide an atmosphere where good communication can take place, nurturing a pastoral dimension that offers appropriate support to all within the school community.

We foster links with the wider community in order that the Gospel message can be lived practically with all people caring for others and making a positive contribution to the advancement of humanity.

British Values Statement