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St Mary's Catholic High School

Year 8

Year 8 is a good time to build upon strengths and aptitudes and to ensure students are working to the best of their efforts. As students will study subjects in more depth and difficulty they will be developing many new skills and abilities. By now, students are fully integrated into St Mary’s Catholic High School and should know all they need to know about life at secondary school. Therefore, we expect our Year 8 students to use their time at school very wisely, making the most of their lessons and building upon the positive relationships they have established with fellow students and their teachers.

As Year 8s share same designated playground space with Year 7, there are plenty of opportunities to make some new friends and act as a good role models to the younger students.


Achievement Points

 Year 8 Achievement Points

Week ending - 4 February 2022

8B 8J 8P 8T
1001 1496 1569 1292


Summer School 2021

In August 2021, fifty students from the current Year 7 and 8 cohorts embarked on a journey of performance, art, cookery, and wellbeing. Tasked with preparing a performance of one of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, students were also responsible for refreshments, prop making and set dressing; a diverse and fun-filled four days.

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