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St Mary's Catholic High School

Year 7

The first year at secondary school is exciting, with lots of new subjects to get used to, different buildings to explore and new friends and teachers to meet. We understand that settling into secondary school doesn’t always happen overnight for some students, but we aim to support all our new students every step of the way. We recognise that most Year 7s are resilient and, recently as the oldest children in their primary schools, they are used to taking on new experiences and challenges.

Year 7s learn to take more responsibility for themselves, such as getting to school on time, often without parent’s help, completing homework and coping with behavioural expectations than they might not be used to. Getting into good habits, and being accountable for their actions, is something our students will be working hard to develop. There are so many exciting opportunities to take advantage of in Year 7, including a range of after-school enrichment activities. We expect our Year 7s to work hard, but we try to make sure that they all enjoy school life too.

Curriculum Overview

Achievement Points

Year 7 Achievement Points

Week ending - 2 July 2025 

7B 7J 7P 7T
3457 2869 4586 3044