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St Mary's Catholic High School

Section 48 Inspection

The extent to which pupils contribute to and benefit from the Catholic Life of the school is outstanding.

Pupils derive great benefit from attending this highly inclusive school where pupils feel safe and secure.

Section 48 Inspection - December 2021

As a Catholic voluntary-aided school in the Archdiocese of Southwark, and like all other 'Faith Schools', St Mary's is subject to both Ofsted (Sections 5 & 8) and Diocesan (Section 48)  inspections. 

Under the new framework, Section 48 Inspections focus on the 'Catholic Life of the School', 'Religious Education', and 'Collective Worship'. In 2015, the framework focused on 'Outcomes for Pupils', 'Leaders & Managers', and 'Provision'. While the framework and format has changed, the substance of the 2015 report broadly covers the areas contained in the new structure.

Diocesan Inspection Section 48

Section 48 Inspection Report - December 2021   NEW

Section 48 Inspection Report - May 2015