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St Mary's Catholic High School

Year 10 History pupils visit Hampton Court

On Wednesday, 10th January, Year 10 GCSE History pupils visited Hampton Court Palace as part of their study of Elizabethan England. In their visit, pupils were able to use a range of physical and documentary evidence to explore how Queen Elizabeth I used Hampton Court Palace to create and consolidate her presentations of power, identity, and legacy. The study of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I is a significant element of the GCSE History course - taking two full terms of Year 10 - so a trip to Hampton Court Palace would really help bring her life and times to life for our pupils.

Famously stating; "I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king", pupils were able to see how Elizabeth dominated the Tudor court and used Hampton Court to create the image of the invincible queen of the ‘Golden Age’.

By looking at some of the key events which took place at Hampton Court Palace and explore how they reflect wider issues faced by Elizabeth’s rule, and evaluated the impact of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, particularly as a female ruler, on court, government, and wider society.

Thank you to the staff at Hampton Court Palace for providing such a stimulating and informative day for our Year 10 History pupils. Their experience will stand them in good stead when they prepare for their GCSE examinations at the and of their course.