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St Mary's Catholic High School

Wicked Rewards Trip

On Wednesday 19th October, fifty students embarked on a journey to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to watch Wicked, the musical. The fifty lucky students were chosen because they have a high level of achievement points - in fact, they are the top twenty from each year group. After half term, if will be the top twenty students from Year 9 and 10, along with the remaining Year 11s who get to go.

After lunch, students travelled to the theatre by train and showed a great deal of maturity in battling the busy station, platform, and train. When they left Victoria Station, their eyes immediately flew to the sky to see the famous sign above the theatre entrance; their amazement was clear to see. This impression continued throughout the musical; many students even gave the cast a standing ovation.

Dextor (Year 8) describes the trip: "The journey to Wicked was very quick; we marched to East Croydon from school. When we arrived at the theatre, I was amazed by its gigantic size and wonder. The musical took a little while to start, but when it did, I was instantly hit with the sounds and then lighting of the stage. Time passed by rapidly and each of the scenes were too good to be called my favourite, until... out came a robot who scared the audience with its furious tones. The scene was breath-taking. In my opinion I would rate this musical a 10/10. The sounds, lighting and scenery were all so perfect and captivating."