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St Mary's Catholic High School

Students visit St Bernadette's relics

On Thursday, 20th October, students selected from Bernadette House travelled to St George's Cathedral to visit the sacred relics of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. The relics have been on a national tour of England and Wales and were at St George's Cathedral for just two days this week. This was a unique experience for our students, and one which will live long in their memories.

In front of the sacred relics, each student prayed for all students and staff at our school individually by name, as well as for their own intentions. We will ensure that those chosen to go on the visit share their experience with the wider school community as soon as possible.

Faithful God, in this world of sorrow and strife, pour out your healing grace on us all.

Inspired by the example of your servant, Bernadette, may we bear witness to your love and strive always to answer your call.

Fill us with Joy as we listen to your word.

Lead us to the dazzling light of your truth and grant us the courage to speak up for all that is right.

Open our hearts to be transformed by each new encounter and guide us to walk humbly beside our sisters and brothers, who are all wonderfully made in your image.

Renew in us a desire to build a world filled with love in action, so that hope springs forth like a stream, washing away pain, poverty and fear. (CAFOD prayer)