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St Mary's Catholic High School

St Mary’s students achieve outstanding GCSE results

On Thursday, 25th August, students collected their GCSE and vocational exam results. While the news media reported a national drop in GCSE grades this year, it is wonderful to report that our students received the best set of recorded results in the school’s 170-year history.

As one of the oldest Catholic schools in the country, St Mary’s has always celebrated its students’ achievements, but this year in particular it was especially rewarding, following on our two successful external inspections, where in December, Ofsted reported: “Leaders have made sure the order in which pupils learn provides a good framework for building their knowledge. They are finding ways to make learning meaningful and interesting.”

This year it was evident that our core subjects of English, mathematics, science and religious studies provided a solid foundation for the year group’s success, with many more students meeting or exceeding their target grades, including an increased number achieving the highest possible grades than in previous years.

We anticipate that once again all our students will transition to post-16 education and training without any difficulty, with many now looking for more aspirational courses as a result of their achievements.

Mr Patrick Shields, our school’s Headteacher explains: ‘I am so immensely proud of all our pupils who sat exams this year. Having had their lives and learning disrupted so much during the last three years they have still delivered the most successful set of results we have ever had.

We wish them well in the next part of their journey, but we will continue to pray from them – once St Mary’s always St Mary’s. Our students leave as rounded young people – ready to be leaders.

I am humbled to work with such a fantastic team here at St Mary’s who never fail to go above and beyond in support of our pupils. I thank each and every one for their care of our pupils and delight in their success too’.