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St Mary's Catholic High School

Enrichment activities resume at St Mary’s

After school on Thursdays, St Mary’s students are once again able to choose from a full range of extra-curricular activities in which to participate. Music, arts, sports and much more are on offer for all students.

Baking Club students

Extra-curricular activities boost young people's confidence to interact socially with others; extend their social networks; and provide them with new skills and abilities. Above all, they offer an important space to have fun and relax away from the pressures of formal school work.




Click on the image below to see the full range of extra-curricular activities on offer at St Mary’s.

SMHS Enrichment Activities Summer 2021

What are some of the benefits of extra-curricular activities?

Academic performance is improved

Students who participate in extra activities get better grades. This is because of the skills they learn from participating in different activities. Students learn to manage time, organizational skills and improved self-confidence. Students also learn to express themselves in a better way.

Time management skills are improved

Students who participate in extra activities need to learn time management. As they have to manage time between academics and extra activities. They learn to manage time and also learn how to keep them engaged in free time also. Everything they do will be productive. Time management plays an important role in examinations also, how to write answers in what time is also an important skill to learn. Time management will be used throughout the life.

Learn new and useful skills

Students also learn new skills which are useful in school life. Skills like teamwork, time management, management of any activity, how to lead a group and many more extra skills. Students who participate in sports and other activities have better leadership skills and learn how to grow and build relations with one another.

Sense of commitment

Students who participate in extra-curricular activities learn how to commit themselves to a particular thing they get involved in. Extracurricular activities are utmost important in a student’s life. Students who get involved in extra activities meet new people and because of that their social skills are improved. Students can expand their network which is also beneficial in finding better career opportunities.