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St Mary's Catholic High School


Head of Department - Mrs Toyin Orowale

Vision Statement

Our students should enjoy learning and be inspired and enthused about Mathematics. We aim to deliver exciting lessons that give them the confidence to acquire and use mathematical skills, enabling them to be fully numerate; and to apply those same skills throughout their lifetime.

One of the most important and interesting subjects in the curriculum, mathematics helps students remove barriers to success, now and in the future. We therefore want all our students to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, to be able to reason mathematically, and to solve problems by applying their mathematical understanding to a variety of problems.

Wherever you look in the world, mathematics can be applied, and we aim to equip students with the knowledge, and the skills, to fully participate in our information driven society.


The Mathematics Department strives to give all students:

  • mathematical knowledge, oral, written and practical skills to encourage confidence and success
  • fluency in the fundamental skills through practice in different contexts and the ability to solve problems with increasing sophistication
  • the ability to apply mathematics to everyday situations and recognise the part it plays in the world around them
  • an appreciation of imaginative and creative work arising from mathematical ideas 
  • the support necessary to ensure they meet and exceed their targets
  • their best possible results at all times, especially with the public examinations at KS4
  • the experience of satisfaction and enjoyment of their mathematical achievements

Curriculum Content

Key Stage 3

Building on prior knowledge and skills, Key Stage 3 continues to develop students' mathematical skills, established in primary schools, to enable them to realise their full potential. At this stage we continue to lay the foundation of all the necessary mathematical skills needed to progress to Key Stage 4 and beyond. We aim to do this through a range of investigative and thought-provoking activities, along with developing a deeper understanding of key mathematical concepts.

Mathematics - Year 7 Curriculum Map

Mathematics - Year 8 Curriculum Map

Mathematics - Year 9 Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4

In Mathematics, student follow the Edexcel GCSE (1-9) Mathematics specification.

Students will be entered for the GCSE examination at either Foundation Level or Higher Level, based on the school's assessment their mathematical ability. Both levels are examined with three papers at the end of Year 11.  Paper 1 is non-calculator, and papers 2 and 3 are calculator.  

Mathematics - Year 10 Curriculum Map - Sept.2022

Mathematics - Year 11 Curriculum Map (Foundation) - Sept.2022

Mathematics - Year 11 Curriculum Map (Higher) - Sept.2022

Edexcel Mathematics - Specification