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St Mary's Catholic High School



Students discussing work

At St Mary’s, we believe that homework tasks, that are regular and varied, encourage all pupils to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to become independent and life-long learners.

We believe that homework is important because:

  • it consolidates and reinforces skills and understanding developed at school
  • it extends school learning, for example through additional reading and research
  • it encourages the involvement of parents and carers in pupils learning and keeps them informed about the work they are doing.

All pupils are issued with a Student Journal which is checked regularly by their Form Tutor and must be signed by the parents at the end of every week. The Student Journal is also a valuable means of communication between parents and the School, particularly on matters relating to work and progress.

Regularity of homework

In Key Stage 3 the homework set by each subject should last approximately 30-60 minutes per piece unless stated otherwise.

In Key Stage 4 the homework set by each subject should last approximately 45-60 minutes per piece unless stated otherwise.

Subject Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4
Religious Studies Once a week Twice weekly
English Once a week Twice weekly
Mathematics Once a week Twice weekly
Science Once a week Twice weekly
Art & Design Once a week Twice weekly
Business & Enterprise n/a Twice weekly
Citizenship n/a Twice weekly
Design Technology Once a week n/a
Drama Fortnightly Twice weekly
French & Spanish Once a week Twice weekly
Geography Once a week Twice weekly
Health & Social Care n/a Twice weekly
History Once a week Twice weekly
ICT Once a week Twice weekly
Music Once a week Twice weekly

How to support your child with their homework

Ensure all distractions are removed (mobile phones, game consoles).

Make sure that all homework is completed in a quiet space where focus is enabled.

Consider when is an appropriate time to complete homework.

Discuss the homework set with your child.

Make sure they understand it and complete it to a good standard.

Ask your child questions about their homework - this allows you to assess their understanding.

Encourage your child to do further research around homework topics.