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St Mary's Catholic High School


Vision Statement

Drama should make a valuable contribution to a vibrant curriculum so that they can express ideas creatively and confidently, and be receptive to the ideas of others.

It should lead to a greater understanding not only of performance traditions and forms, but also of political, social and ethical issues.


Throughout a pupil’s involvement with Drama, the Department aims to develop:

  • the use of a range of dramatic forms to express ideas and feelings, with pupils responding creatively and constructively to a variety of stimuli.
  • the ability to communicate effectively through the language of space, movement and words
  • imagination, characterisation, devising and performing skills.
  • confidence in the pupils’ own abilities, particularly in the areas of independent working, verbal & non-verbal communication and team work.
  • pupils’ skills in evaluating their own and others’ work.

Curriculum overview

In Years 7 to 9 pupils receive a one-hour lesson per week; thereafter, those who have been steadily demonstrating potential to benefit from Drama at Key Stage 4 may opt for three lessons per week at GCSE, where results are well above the national average.

The Drama department is a place where it is safe to make mistakes and to learn from them, and for pupils to develop their confidence in communication, whether or not they wish to specialise in Drama in their later time at St. Mary’s.