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St Mary's Catholic High School

Art & Design

Subject Leader - Mrs Kelly Goodwin

Vision Statement

Through Visual Art & Design Technology students are allowed to creatively grow, build confidence and skills, explore, experiment and take risks. They learn and develop opinions about the art and design world, they are encouraged to foster critical and creative thinking, artistic expression, effective communication and cultural awareness through the delivery of engaging and inspiring topics.


The Art & Design curriculum aims to:

  • promote a lively, inspirational and enjoyable learning environment
  • embrace the need to take risks
  • respond effectively to the chance and or accidental aspects of Art practice
  • develop both conceptual/intuitive approaches to art making and it visual interpretation
  • encourage students to become independent, resourceful learners who can respond through a range of materials, techniques and processes
  • raise the profile of Art & Design within the school community and wider community.

Curriculum overview

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 - Each area covered is intended to allow pupils to experience all forms of Art & Design, to build on knowledge and skills within the subject.  Each project can span over a full term and a half.

Year 7

  • Under the Sea - The Elements of Art
  • Fantastic Bugs - Experimenting with Fine Art materials
  • Mini Monsters - Sculpture

Year 8

  • Everyday Objects - Still Life
  • Mark-Making Beats - Group Piece
  • Fantastic Food – Graphics

Year 9

  • Me, Myself & I - Fine Art
  • The Poster Project - Graphics
  • Graphics - Urban-scapes

Art & Design - Year 7 Curriculum Map

Art & Design - Year 8 Curriculum Map

Art & Design - Year 9 Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students follow the AQA GCSE Art & Design - Fine Art (8202)  specification. The subject is taught through a range of different projects, these allow pupils to explore a range of materials, processes and techniques including contextual studies.

Year 10

  • Cup & Saucer project - The Elements of Art & the Principles of Design
  • Letter Project - Experimenting with materials
  • Flora & Fauna

Year 11

  • Flora & Fauna - Mock Exam Paper
  • Externally Set Assignment
  • Review and Refine - Previous coursework

Art & Design - Year 10 Curriculum Map

Art & Design - Year 11 Curriculum Map

AQA Art & Design - Fine Art (8202) Specification